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[TBB #56] Your Guide to digital marketing for Therapists

therapists guide to digital marketing

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Why therapists are natural marketers

Therapists can easily become masterful digital marketers.


By reframing the concept of marketing from a salesey odious business activity to an impactful way of helping people.

Therapists, more than any other professionals, have insight into what motivates and deters people from seeking help.

Using this knowledge strategically, you can direct the people who need therapy to your practice.

To help you, I put together a simple guide to creating a digital marketing plan for therapists.

The Beacon Way

A couple of months ago I chatted with Jennifer Christensen from Beacon Media about helping therapists remove barriers in order to reach the right people with impactful messaging.

We dove deep into what makes people look for therapy and what was going through my own mind when I realized that I needed to see a therapist.

How AI is transforming healthcare marketing

Using AI may seem like a distant future for your practice, but it has more practical applications than we imagine.

This article explains how you can use software like ChatGPT for healthcare marketing, specifically for messaging.

For therapists, it can be used to explain complex concepts in simple terms to the audience.

Screens and Mental Health

A recent study from the Yale Department of Psychiatry and Columbia School of Nursing examined screen media activity in over 5,100 kids, ages 9 and 10.

It found that youth that spent more time on screens during those ages, tend to exhibit higher levels of internalization in later years.

The Takeaway

This issue was dedicated to the topic of digital marketing.

In the last couple of decades, digital marketing has become one of the main ways for businesses to attract new clients and grow financially.

Investing your resources in digital marketing strategies I laid out in my guide will help you amplify your message and help people on a larger scale.

If you'd like to share your thoughts, just reply to this email. I always respond.

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