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[TBB #58] Creative ideas on a side hustle for therapists

side hustle for therapists

Missed the previous issue? Read it here.

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Outside the box. Side hustle for therapists

Rated as one of the top TV dramas of all time, Mad Men attracted a huge audience when it first came out.

Fresh, vintage, and instantly iconic, Mad Men was numerously awarded for its creativity.

As a viewer, I especially enjoyed the show's "outside the box" thinking and the creative ideas that were woven into its stories.

So let's borrow some of that creativity to brainstorm your possibilities for supplementing your income.

With your schedule freeing up this summer, is there something you could do to add another revenue stream to your practice?

I wrote about supplementing a therapy income before, but here're some side hustle ideas for therapists to get you started:

  • Writing an e-book to sell online.

  • Organizing a summer workshop or retreat for a specific audience.

  • Creating a CE course

  • Starting a paid newsletter

  • Creating an online course

These ideas may not be groundbreaking Mad Men-style but they're a glimpse of the possibility to bring in extra revenue to your practice.

If you have creative ideas you'd like to share, email me and let's have a conversation.

The State of Mental Health Report

This week Grow Therapy, mental health group has released the findings of its annual state of mental health report.

Some of the key findings included the impacts of Covid and social media on mental health as well as generational differences.

For example:

"Millennials, those aged 27-42, are the most likely to be in therapy currently, with over half (53%) of therapists saying that group makes up the majority of their client base."

Moms on mushrooms

Ever since some states have started to allow the recreational use of psilocybin, an unlikely user base has sprung up.

Moms have significantly felt the effects of the pandemic by facing disruption and its traumatic effects.

In this NBC segment, Maura Barrett shares the story of how some moms use micro-dosing to help them with stress and anxiety.

Tracey Tee, a mom from Denver, CO has even created a community Moms on Mushrooms to connect with others facing the same issues.

AI-powered Mental Health

A new AI-powered technology is currently being developed in Munich, Germany.

The "Precision psychiatry" diagnostic tool is designed to diagnose and treat depression with artificial intelligence.

In this Fox News segment, HMNC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hans Eriksson explains how this tool could be the first of its kind in generative AI.

The Takeaway

This issue was dedicated to creative ideas for supplementing your therapy income.

Besides the obvious financial benefits of creating new sources of revenue, this can also give you the necessary creative outlet to reach new audiences, help more people and do something different from your daily work.

If you'd like to share your thoughts, just reply to this email. I always respond.

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