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[TBB #77] Being a podcast guest

being a podcast guest

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Be their guest

One of the most interesting panels I heard at the Mental Health Marketing Conference this week was a discussion on podcasts.

Specifically marketing benefits of creating a podcast and being a guest. Having done more than a handful of interviews on podcasts, I find the audio strategy the most fun of all.

Even more fun than writing this newsletter (which I love).

Podcasts let you into the intimacy of people's ears and capture their attention for a while. It's the perfect medium for making a deeper connection with your audience.

If you dislike social media's short attention span style, I'd recommend giving podcasts a try. To help you, I wrote the Podcasts for Therapists: Promoting your practice as a guest guide. Click to read it below.

Psychology Today Profile Formula


The Impact of Oral Contraceptives

A new study that included 181 female participants, measured the mental health impact of pausing the use of Oral Contraceptives.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms were an increase in anxiety and psychiatric symptoms.

US Surgeants suicide rates

Somewhere between 300 and 400 physicians in the US take their own lives every year. This is equivalent to an average medical school graduating class.

Among them, sergeants are ranked highest in suicide rates. With 80-hour-a-week workloads and their stoic dedication to patients, sergeants experience high levels of burnout, injuries, and even infertility.

This Guardian article opens the window into sergeants' lives, work, and psychological battles.

New analysis on Puberty Blockers

This BBC segment examines the new analysis on puberty blockers. In it, you'll learn about the data that drives people's decisions regarding puberty blockers for children.

The LinkedIn Potential

Since the pandemic, LinkedIn has become a social media platform of choice for many healthcare professionals.

Read this article to find out how you can use LinkedIn for healthcare marketing.

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