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[TBB #78] Safe email marketing

safe email marketing

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Time to enjoy the party

"What do you do for a living?"

Is one of the most dreaded questions a therapist could be asked at a party. Everyone has a story. Everyone has questions.

Now imagine that you could answer those questions en masse. Once and for all. What a relief that would be...

And you know what? There's a way to do just that without breaking the party etiquette rules.

Email marketing is one of the quickest ways to answer questions, help people, and attract clients simultaneously.

You can do all that in one well-crafted sequence of emails. You can even invite those curious party guests to become your subscribers and learn from you, without having a long conversation with a mouthful of hummus.

And there's a way to do it in a safe way too, without SPAMing or divulging sensitive client information. The Ultimate Guide to Safe Email Marketing: Protecting Your Therapy Practice addresses these considerations and takes you through the process of building your list. ​​

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Speaking of Etiquette

A recent study was published on how employers evaluate job applications of those who disclose mental health issues on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms.

According to the study, employers showed a more negative perception of applicants who revealed mental health issues on social media.

Burnout driving therapist shortages

44% of US therapists indicated that low pay is one of the main contributors to their burnout.

This data comes from a recent survey of 550 U.S.-based therapists conducted by Simple Practice. The survey offers insight into therapists' burnout, specifically, its effects on the shortage of mental health providers.

Fishing Therapy

On a more optimistic note, a recent study revealed that men who fish regularly are less anxious. Nearly 17% less anxious.

Headway raises $125 million

Headway platform that connects patients with in-network therapists has raised $125 million in Series C funding.

Among other goals, the company plans to increase its marketing to help providers acquire patients.

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