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About Therapy Business Brief Newsletter


The Full Story

Therapists get the short end of the stick when it comes to business. 

On the one hand, almost 50% of mental health providers work in private practice. 

And on the other hand, they receive none of the business and marketing education they need to run a small business in Grad School. 

So if you're one such therapist, welcome to the Therapy Business Brief community! 

What is Therapy Business Brief (TBB) ?


Therapy Business Brief currently consists of two things:

  • A free newsletter featuring mental health industry news, business trends,
    and marketing tips. 
    Subscribe to it here.

  • This website, with an archive of all the TBB issues, and useful links
    to marketing tools.

Why is it called Therapy Business Brief?

Mental health providers with private practice often have very little time to look for news and interesting information about the industry from a business perspective.


This newsletter is a curated email that gives therapists a brief snapshot of the most interesting stuff happening within the industry and business. It's meant to give therapists a view of the big picture to show opportunities for their practice.

Who created it?


Avivit Fisher, the founder of REdD Strategy, a marketing consultancy for therapists in private practice. Infinitely curious, I love learning about the industry and connecting the dots between what I read and what therapists need to know.

Can I suggest a topic for the newsletter?


Absolutely! Just email me.

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