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[TBB #76] Getting attention

summer sl

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How to captivate your audience

Having written 66 books, Agatha Christie remains the best-selling author of all time.

Christie, despite her being raised in an affluent Upper-middle class family, appealed to readers from all walks of life. She captivated her readers with her simple style, sharp dialogue, and plot.

Despite her worldwide popularity, her work is not considered to be a literary treasure. But what it lacks in sophistication, it compensates with the ability to grab readers' attention.

Similarly, your audience's attention is what helps you evoke interest in your private practice. The way you talk to people on your website will either encourage or discourage potential clients from booking an appointment with you.

On your website, you can grab someone's attention with a well-crafted landing page. This week's article by Sarah Gershone, a therapist website designer teaches you how to build an effective landing page that captures people's attention.

Wired for Addiction

The Beacon Way podcast from my colleagues at Beacon Media released a new episode about innovation in addiction treatment.

The guest on the show is Jacqueline Hall from Wired BioHealth. In this fascinating episode, Jacqueline talks about biopsychosocial aspects of addiction and preventative testing

Work Stress

According to a new report, 4 in 5 employees across Asian countries have moderate to high stress.

South Korea scored the highest rate of employees with a high risk for developing mental health issues, a whopping 44%.

The report highlighted the risk of productivity loss in places like South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

The Takeaway

This TBB issue was dedicated to the topic of grabbing attention.

If you have something to say to an audience, capturing people's attention is the most important step. A landing page provides the opportunity on your website to lead people to take action.

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