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[TBB #75] How to use email marketing

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The old kid on the block

Did you know that email marketing is 45 years old?

The first marketing email was sent in 1978 to 397 people and generated over 12M in sales. The sender, Gary Thuerk, invited the recipients to a product demonstration and became the first email marketer in the world.

Today, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools in business.

Yet most therapists are not using email marketing to connect with their potential clients to build their caseload.

Having spent hundreds of hours examining therapists' websites I saw a very small percentage that integrates email marketing in an effective way.

And if you wonder what I mean by the word "effective", here are my criteria:

  • Offering a compelling lead magnet to encourage opt-ins.

  • Positioning the opt-in form in a visible place on your website (not the footer).

  • Building an automated email sequence that offers value to your subscribers.

All that work can help you build your caseload consistently and capture a portion of your website traffic that otherwise would be lost.

If you'd like to learn more, read "How to Get More Therapy Clients Using Email Marketing".

Cost of Living

A recent study in Great Britain revealed that the escalating costs of living had impaired young people's mental health.

36% of those aged 25-34 have reported their mental health being at its worst due to financial stressors.

Cancer, Covid & Mental Health

2486 adults aged 50 and older have participated in a Canadian study that examined the pandemic's effects on the mental health of people with cancer.

It was found that 1 in 8 of the participants experienced depression for the first time during the pandemic.

Desperate Measures

12% of children who entered the custody of the state of Ohio in 2021, were surrendered because of behavioral health needs.

In the recent video segment, PBS examines the drastic measures parents take to help kids with mental health when there are no other options.

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