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[TBB #79] Succeeding with outreach strategy

outreach strategy

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By popular demand - outreach strategy

Although people don't always tell you what they really think, they're usually sincere about their marketing struggles.

My recent LinkedIn poll revealed that the topic therapists would like to learn about most, is not SEO or any form of digital marketing, but something more traditional.

Therapists want to know how to generate referrals.

So as the saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive". This week I was invited to co-host a webinar with Brighter Vision on the topic of Outreach – A Winning Strategy For Private Pay Practices.

In it, I went through my system of creating a successful outreach strategy and generating referrals. Click the button to watch.​​

Psychology Today Profile Formula


Mental Health and Human Rights

The World Health Organization has released a guidance and practice manual on Mental Health, Human Rights, and legislation.

The document states that it's "aimed primarily at legislators and policy-makers directly involved in drafting, amending and implementing legislation on mental health, as well as those responsible for monitoring and evaluation".

More on Humans

Following the attacks on Israeli citizens by Hamas, the psychiatrist Dr. Izzo provides helpful ways to cope amid the war.

NY social media legislation

According to the new New York legislation, users under 18 will have limited access between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

This legislation is an effort to combat the high levels of anxiety and depression among New York youth.

Content Marketing for referrals

Copyblogger, a pioneer in content marketing, just published an article about the advantages that content marketing offers to your business.

In the article, there's a section dedicated to referrals that outlines the impact of content marketing on your brand, credibility, and referral opportunities.

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