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[TBB #61] 15 features a therapy websites MUST have

therapy websites

Missed the previous issue? Read it here.

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Therapy websites are useless, unless...

"Do you know how often your clients find you online?"

This is one of the first questions I ask therapists who need marketing help.

The typical answer to it is "Not many".

But sometimes it's "none".

Although solo practitioners do attract clients through Psychology Today, they often don't get clients through their website.

When I hear these answers I usually do a quick evaluation of their website to see why it may be so ineffective. And here's what I often find:

  • Generic content that doesn't speak to a particular audience.

  • Few blog posts.

  • Copy written using professional jargon.

  • Limited content.

The good news is that these problems are solvable and your website can be improved with a few significant tweaks.

To help you with that, I wrote an extensive guide with 15 must-have features for therapy websites.

Surgeon General on a Mission

The US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, is bringing teenage mental health decline due to social media to public attention.

Dr. Murthy's office recently issued a 25-page advisory that lists usage statistics, mental health concerns, and possible solutions to this problem.

The crying trend

A new Social Media trend is crying tutorials posted on YouTube and TikTok. Yes, it's a thing.

As people find themselves busy online and offline, crying has become a struggle for many. For some, it's an issue of finding a safe space to fully feel their emotions.

These step-by-step crying tutorials have been helping people who were unable to bring out tears for years.

A New Mental Health Bill in NE

A new bill has been passed in Nebraska to allow for more comprehensive care for people with mental health and substance abuse problems.

The bill will enable a method of care for clinics to coordinate treatment based on a person's needs with a fixed amount to cover the anticipated costs of services.

The Takeaway

This issue was dedicated to the topic of your therapy website.

With telehealth becoming a popular business model for many solo practitioners, having a well-designed and optimized website can boost your private practice.

Attracting clients online doesn't need to be limited to your PT profile and Instagram reels. Your website is a powerful marketing tool and you can use it to build the practice you envisioned.

If you'd like to share your thoughts about building a therapy website, just reply to this email. I always respond.

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