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[TBB #68] The skinny on therapists' headlines

therapists headlines

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Therapy websites headlines

Monroe Odom's 53-year career as a newspaper boy touched some of the most prominent people in history.

He sold the Star-Telegram to Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, and even FDR.

His secret was simple. He teased his customers with headlines that piqued their interest; oilmen with oil stories, and bankers with financial news.

He intuitively understood what advertising and marketing professionals know, headlines are worth 80% of your advertising dollar.

Writing effective headlines is a skill that we need to master if we want to attract clients to our businesses. That's why this week, a mental health blog writer, Brandon Grill, is sharing his tips on writing effective headlines for your website.

Low user volume of 988 calls

A year after the 988 national mental health helpline was launched and Americans are still reluctant to use it.

According to the recent NAMI survey, only 44% of Americans have heard of the 988 helpline. A large number of people from minority groups who were surveyed are not inclined to use the helpline for fear of getting the police involved.

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Executive coaching is a kind of therapy

Turns out that CEOs can be a lonely bunch. Being placed at the top makes it difficult to discuss work issues and challenges they face.

Many turn to executive coaches to help them figure out coping strategies and ways to command the boardroom.

Partnering with Parents

With the severe shortage of child therapists, parents can become an obvious choice in preventing future mental health issues for their children.

This recent Miami Herald article discusses how the benefits of providing parents with resources and incentivizing involvement in children's mental well-being can create cultural shifts.

The Takeaway

This issue was dedicated to the topic of therapists' website headlines.

For a long time now, I've been writing about building an online presence as a marketing strategy, with a website at the heart of it. But having a website with weak headlines won't help you attract the type of clients you want to work with. Investing in quality copywriting can help you connect with future clients as well as boost your SEO.

If you'd like to share your thoughts or questions about this, just reply to this email. I always respond.

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