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[TBB #71] how to write a good psychology today profile

how to write a good psychology today profile

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How to write a good Psychology Today profile

Like it or not, Psychology Today is a powerful media site. Yes, it makes money from its directory, but its clout comes from its many articles.

It gets a massive amount of monthly traffic and ends up at the top of search results.

For example, I just googled "therapist near me" and what do you know? Psychology Today is on top, take a look at this screenshot.

Psychology Today SEO

Because of that, I urge my clients to improve and optimize their listings, drive a portion of this traffic to their websites, and book appointments.

Here's my approach to doing that:

Define the goal for your profile. Not every therapist wants the same thing from their listing, here are a few goals to consider:

  • Booking as many appointments as possible.

  • Filtering your leads to attract a specific type of client.

  • Funneling your leads to therapists in your group practice.

Organize the flow of your paragraphs to help your lead make the decision to contact you.

  • Dedicate the first paragraph to empathizing with your ideal client's pain.

  • Transition into possibilities and potential positive outcomes from therapy in your second paragraph.

  • Showcase your expertise and experience in the third paragraph.

  • Don't forget to tell people to book an appointment with you.

Add a 15-second introduction video. Having an introduction video not only adds a personal touch but also leads to more discovery on the platform.

I also wrote a quick guide to writing a Psychology Today profile.

Loneliness in boys and men

15% of young men are now saying that they don't have a close friend. For the sake of comparison, in 1990 it was only 3%.

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy discusses the epidemic of loneliness in men and boys with Richard Reeves on his House Calls podcast. You can listen to the podcast here.

Selling your practice

Burnout is one of the leading causes for therapists who decide to leave the profession. But there's another alternative; selling your private practice.

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani is a social worker who sold her private practice in 2021. In this article, she walks us through the acquisition process and the steps she took.

HI over AI

Turns out that applying AI to behavioral health services is not as straightforward as adding chatbots.

The CEO of Talkspace Inc., John Cohen, is favoring human relationships over AI interactions.

If you work with Gen Z'ers...

According to the US Census Bureau, Gen Z is a generation more diverse than any other generation and "has a distinct identity shaped by its digital dependency during the pandemic".

According to recent data, 42% of people from the Gen Z generation prioritize their mental health. Specifically, managing stress and eating healthy.

The Takeaway

This issue was dedicated to the topic of your Psychology Today profile.

For therapists, being listed on the Psychology Today platform is an opportunity to continuously generate leads at a relatively low cost.

If you'd like me to help you re-write your profile, just reply to this email and we'll book a time to chat.

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